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Teeth Whitening

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit Results

We offer Take Home Whitening Kits, where the whitening gels are delivered via customized bleaching trays. The teeth whitening we offer is Contrast PM+. Take Home Whitening Gels can show results after just one night, though you can expect to see clear results in about a week. Before using this system, patients should have a comprehensive exam and cleaning done to evaluate if they are a good candidate for such whitening methods. Some patients are not ideal candidates, due to reasons such as the presence of crowns or other cosmetic dental work. Natural teeth will lighten, but crowns, veneers and bondings will not. Also, candidates must have a recent cleaning and exam before whitening is recommended. Patients should keep in mind that drinking coffee, tea, red wine and smoking cigarettes will gradually diminish the effect of any whitening process. Please call our office today to inquire about teeth whitening for yourself.